Enabling organisations to gather grassroots data to effectively analyse the impact, effectiveness and efficiency of their human rights programmes
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What is MeL?

The Monitoring Evaluation & Learning (MeL) SaaS platform is an agile and cost- effective tool to transform manual and sometimes costly frontline data capture and reporting.

Helping CSOs and other grassroots agencies gather standardised data to effectively measure and analyse the impact, effectiveness, and efficiency of projects that tackle Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Child Labour.

This in turn enables them to communicate effectively with stakeholders and pinpoint interventions in real time to maximise impact.  

The problem MeL is helping solve

$1bn annually is spent on efforts to tackle modern slavery across thousands of NGO, Academic and Government initiatives.

Data collection to measure impact of activities to address human rights issues is often incomplete and inconsistent due to lack of appropriate and accessible methodologies and tools for those working at grassroots.

This can lead to inefficiencies and ineffectiveness within programs that subsequently fail to achieve their aims or meet their full potential. Conversely, successful programs lack the solid evidence base required to secure future funding and sustain successful programs.

By the time most programs are evaluated, it is too late to make the small or big changes required to maximise impact for those that need it the most. This can result in delayed progress, wasted resources and in some instances, loss of trust from beneficiaries.


What makes MeL stand out from other monitoring and evaluation tools?

  1. Lightweight mobile app which can be used offline and has useful features such as audio recording to capture live qualitative data- ideal for field work!
  2. Simple and user- friendly language and functionality to suit users of all levels of tech literacy
  3. Versatile and adaptable data entry templates to meet the requirements of your measurement & reporting frameworks
  4. Cost effective solution for all – from single users to large organisations


What MeL achieves for:

Grassroots Organisations

  • Accessible, cost effective and user friendly: addressing low literacy and tech literacy challenges
  • Dynamic and versatile: allowing delivery partners to co-design and adapt assessment criteria iteratively
  • Clear and timely data: quickly analyse the effectiveness and weaknesses of programme activities in real time
  • Adaptive learning: pinpoint where key changes can be made within programme delivery to improve outcomes
  • Concise evidence base: determining what does and doesn’t work to inform future planning, strengthen relationships with funders and secure longer term funding
  • Consistency and sustainability: enable successful approaches to be taken forward efficiently and adapted for other contexts


Public & Private Sector Funders

  • Standardised Baselines to measure impact: quantitative & qualitative data collection across multiple projects and locations
  • Greater visibility of process and impact: enabling deeper and more nuanced insights into program delivery in real time

How it works

Fifty Eight are a professional and reliable partner who exceed expectations. Their research has enabled World Vision to better understand the drivers of child labour in ‘fragile states’ and what solutions could look like in identifying challenges and potential interventions to address hidden child labour throughout commodity supply chains.

Phil Wilkinson
Programme Management Unit Manager
World Vision UK

Understand, demonstrate and articulate the risks, opportunities and impact of your human rights programmes

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