March 2, 2023

Case study

Case study

Elevating Worker Agency & Reducing Exploitation in Wild-Capture Tuna Fisheries in Taiwan

Human rightsMigrant workersResponsible recruitment



Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative 

Stanford Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions

Target Group

Indonesian fishers migrating to work on Taiwanese commercial tuna fishing vessels


Indonesia is the third largest sending country for labour on fishing and commercial vessels. The Indonesian Migrant Worker Protection Agency (BP2MI) has reported unpaid wages, death, and work accidents as the three major categories of abuse experienced by Indonesian migrant fishers.

Indonesia Ocean Justice Initiative identified underpayment or non-payment of wages as well as failure to adhere to contract terms as major issues relating to exploitation and leading to modern slavery.

Stanford Center for Human Rights & Justice identified Indonesia and Taiwan and the key stakeholders engaged as the major sending and receiving countries for workers onto vessels that supply the canned tuna sector, offering strong opportunities for impact, particularly in the prevention of modern slavery.

Trialling a Solution

To protect migrant fishers from the risks of modern slavery and elevate their agency, FiftyEight are working alongside our partners and key stakeholders: workers, recruiters, vessel owners, and buyers to pilot the IKAN mobile app.

Designed to inform migrant fishers of their rights and create more transparency and accountability in recruitment, contracting, and payment. 

Primary goals of the pilot are to:

  • Test and refine usability of the platform with key stakeholder groups
  • Achieve buy-in and uptake among these stakeholders 
  • Engage government and supply actors to create pathways for systemic change of sector norms around contracts and payments
  • Pave the way for scalability and transferability to other sectors and geographies 

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