March 6, 2023


Kids’ activity pack: a child labour learning resource for children aged 8-12

Angela Lake, Sylvi Simonnet

Child labour


Globally, there are an estimated 160 million children in child labour, 79 million of whom are in hazardous work. 

We believe that children all over the world should have the opportunity to learn about the injustices and difficulties that other children may have to endure, as well as the critical role they can play in holding decision makers to account to help end child labour. We want to invite, listen to and magnify their voices, so that they can be part of finding the best ways to ensure every child enjoys a safe and nurturing childhood. After all, no one knows what it’s like to be a kid better than a kid!

With this in mind, we have created these activity sheets aimed at  8-12 year olds, to help them understand, in an age- appropriate way, the hazardous working lives that many children have to endure and to use their voice to bring attention to the issue. The sheets contain a story, puzzle and even a rolling competition: a robot design challenge where they can win some lego!

We encourage parents, carers and teachers to do the sheets with your children and discuss them with them.

You can download them below in English or in French.

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