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Child labour​

Child labour can often operate invisibly and undetected in commodity supply chains, especially when traditional top-down mapping methodologies are solely relied on to identify the risk 

We research and analyse where and how child labour feeds into global supply chains by connecting consumer-facing companies with the risk of child labour in the origin communities where raw materials are mined and harvested.

Our participation in the 4 year UK aid funded programme PACE included in-depth value chain and labour market analysis into economic and social drivers for the use of harmful forms of child labour in fragile contexts, identifying safer alternatives for children and youth.

Through this bottom-up approach, we identified the presence of child labour in commodity supply chains that had previously not been identified by leading global risk registers.

Following on from PACE, we are currently co-piloting a digital skills training and employment programme with youth in the DRC as an alternative to working in the mining sector.

The scope of the challenge

people in forced labour work for the private sector
0 m
of forced labour occurs in upper-middle or high income countries
1 %
of those in forced labour are children
0 %
million children are engaged in hazardous and harmful work
1 m

Modern Slavery

77% of companies believe there is a likelihood of modern slavery occurring at some stage in their supply chains

From Corporate Leadership on Modern Slavery- 2016

Our research incorporates forced labour, debt bondage, safe recruitment and human trafficking in global supply chains.

Previous research has included partnering with companies, trade organisations, academic institutions and civil society organisations to understand the key drivers, barriers and gaps – as well as best practice – within private sector approaches in meeting the challenges of modern slavery in global supply chains.


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Fifty Eight are a professional and reliable partner who exceed expectations. Their research has enabled World Vision to better understand the drivers of child labour in ‘fragile states’ and what solutions could look like in identifying challenges and potential interventions to address hidden child labour throughout commodity supply chains.

Phil Wilkinson
Programme Management Unit Manager
World Vision UK

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