May 15, 2023

Case study

Case study

Developing a user interface for low literacy users in India’s Uttar Pradesh

Migrant workersModern slaveryResponsible recruitmentSafe migration


Target Group

Jobseekers and workers (predominately male) who use the Uttar Pradesh- Gulf migration corridor

The Brief

Promoting Worker Rights in the India-Gulf Migration Corridor to combat forced labour.

Enhancing and facilitating access to services and remedy for migrants through existing and emerging technologies.


Just Good Work drew on previous Verite commissioned research and resources focused on Uttar Pradesh migration corridors. We conducted user profile surveys with grass roots partner Free the Slaves to help us to understand the technical literacy and behaviours of target users. All research enabled us to create content which took into account the unique needs and experiences of migrant workers traveling from Uttar Pradesh to the Middle East.


  • Provide Indian workers, particularly those from Uttar Pradesh, with a freely accessible version of the Just Good Work mobile app in Hindi
  • Tailored for low-wage workers seeking and obtaining employment in Gulf countries. Partnering with Verite to develop, test, and launch this version of the app.
  • Carefully develop app content for the specific risks and conditions low-wage workers face when navigating the target labour markets between India and Gulf countries with a focus on overcoming low literacy barriers.


Phase 1 : Discovery April-September 2021
* Project Discovery & Scoping * Initial concept development (UI/UX Wireframing)
Phase 2: Design May-October 2021
*Content Development *Audio/ visual design iterations with feedback * Text/audio Translation into Hind
Phase 3: Skin & Trial September 2021-February 2022
* Skinning the App *Pilot Testing with MSEVMS staff & CVC members *Test group feedback on content and design integration
Phase 4: Preparing to Launch February-April 2022
*Free the Slaves Marketing and Outreach to target users in Uttar Pradesh *Launching live app for users


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