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Interactive mobile platform ​to help individuals make ​good choices for better work abroad, increasing transparency of the full recruitment & employment experience
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Just Good Work is a free mobile platform for workers and a customisable subscription service for companies & others. Providing critical information and advice throughout recruitment and employment to ensure jobseekers and workers can avoid exploitation and enjoy safe & valuable employment.  

Using simple, jargon-free text and audio content in their own language, it reaches people from the earliest stages of their journey. Enabling users to understand their rights and responsibilities throughout the process alongside good advice on safe recruitment, migration and employment in their new workplace. 

What Just Good Work achieves for:

Brands, suppliers, agencies and other stakeholders

  • Dynamic platform to enable a proactive approach to responsible recruitment and safe employment
  • Mitigated risk of exploitation with consistent, accurate information and support for workers throughout recruitment and employment
  • Information always up-to-date in worker’s own language and in audio
  • Live feedback from workers provides real-time insights across your operations or supply chain to fill in the gaps between audits*
  • Reduced on-boarding time and cost through custom training, induction and orientation content*
  • Improved worker connection and engagement across your business and supply chains while reducing your costs*


  • Simple, concise and up to date information and advice on everything they need to know for life and work in a new place
  • Clear guidance on recruitment, employment, changing jobs and life outside of work, including practical considerations such as weather, culture, housing, health and banking
  • Education on rights and responsibilities at home and abroad and where to access help at every stage
  • Signposts to further help, advice and how to access remedy (can be connected to existing grievance mechanisms*)
  • Key and current workplace documentation in their own language to facilitate and support their recruitment, onboarding and throughout employment

     *Available as part of customised packages


We work closely with community groups to help develop trust in the app and ensure good engagement and feedback. This approach is at the core of the Just Good Work model.

Pro-Force have worked with Fifty Eight for two years and firmly believe the Just Good Work app is proving to be a great, independent source of information for our workers. The team at Fifty Eight are really responsive and unbelievably quick to implement positive changes to their products.

James Mallick
Compliance and Implementation Director

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