Training and Education

We provide specialist modern slavery and child labour training packages, informed by robust research and good practice.

Our training packages are constantly updated to conform to changes in legislation.

We work hard to ensure our training is engaging and tangibly improves both the confidence and competence of trainees.

That is why we have developed a broad range of access points for training, suitable for a variety of sectors, group sizes and budgets. ​

For companies, NGOs and the public sector

From in-house seminars and workshops to webinars and e-learning, we have the capability to meet the requirements of your company, however large or small. Targeted training develops the knowledge and skills needed to build ethical practices within your supply chains. Packages include:

Training designed for your company and specific areas of the business i.e. Procurement, HR, Facilities, Senior Management and the Board.

Overview of legislative requirements such as the UK Modern Slavery Act, Australian Modern Slavery Act, or Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence regs and what they mean for you.

The business case for ethical procurement, including case studies of good practice specific to your sector.

Workshops which incorporate a gap analysis of your company policy & practice against requirements of the Act.

Critical contributing factors to modern slavery or child labour & pathways to effective change and compliance​.

Highlighting potential areas of impact across the business, and how to implement changes that meet both the spirit and the letter of the law.

For academic institutions

We offer seminars and workshops for universities, colleges and schools. We strive to make the sessions interactive and engaging, typically covering:

Evolution of supply chains and the implications of different models on Modern Slavery.

Systemic challenges that aid the growing problem of Modern Slavery and forced labour.

Case studies that demonstrate good practices in addressing the challenges of ethical supply chain management.

How organisational behaviour and culture can impact on ethical practices in the workplace.

Challenges and opportunities presented by government legislation such as the UK Modern Slavery Act, Australian Modern Slavery Act or Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence regulations.

Bespoke training designed for the requirements of your curriculum or group.

Fifty Eight's team are dynamic experts. They are excellent speakers for academic and corporate events, and provided an engaging insight into Modern Slavery and its business implications

Andrew Smith
Director of Studies International Business
University of Liverpool

Engaging & cost efficient training to tangibly improve confidence and competence