September 23, 2022

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2030hub – 17 Liverpool Businesses Changing the World

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2030hub highlights Liverpool’s Sustainable Business Champions Doing Good At Home And As Global Citizens.

Liverpool’s Business Avengers are announced today as part of Global Goals Week: Liverpool 2022. 17 local companies have been selected by 2030hub as an inaugural community to help amplify awareness and action specifically connected to the Global Goals (also called the Sustainable Development Goals).

The group contains big and small companies, with a significant local operation or head office, that has demonstrated either a formal or public commitment to the SDGs, or has a particular opportunity to influence additional awareness and action across private sector peers at a local level.

Liverpool’s Business Avengers has been inspired by the United Nations’ Business Avengers initiative that comprised some of the world’s largest and most influential companies, all of which are committed to playing a significant role in achieving the Global Goals by 2030.

As Business Avengers, companies champion the Global Goals as a framework – and each uses their internal and external reach to communicate the importance of all 17 Goals. Every one of the Business Avengers is actively seeking ways to innovate, collaborate and drive progress towards the Goals. The global group includes well-known brands such as Google Foundation, Samsung, Salesforce and Unilever.

2030hub Director, and UN Foundation +SocialGood Advisor, David Connor says, “After decades of experience supporting businesses through CSR and sustainability we also know most of them are not great at communicating the positive impact they are creating. This group can hopeful build stronger bridges between supporting those furthest behind here at home, but also what role we as City Region and individual businesses we can play globally to grow revenues whilst also serving as true global citizens across the 17 SDGs as a guiding framework.” 

Who are the Liverpool Business Avengers?

Here are a few examples of those that made the list for 2022, and what made them stand out

FiftyEight brings together research and technology solutions to improve working conditions and address the challenges of modern slavery in global supply chains. Their aim is simple – good work for people, free from exploitation. Also a certified B Corp (once the highest scoring in the UK).

Peel L&P were one of the very first local companies to formally and publicly align with the Global Goals and guiding their 5-year sustainability plan.

Used Kitchen Exchange has built a platform that diverts old kitchens from landfill and recent recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development. The current carbon saved by customers is now over 12,000,000 tonnes. Also a certified B Corp.

Circa5000 is a successful impact investing app founded by two local entrepreneurs now with over 150,000 customers using the finances for good. Also a certified B Corp.

RS Clare Ltd have survived for 274 years by staying ahead of its international competition and is strategically using the SDGs to support future-proofing their operation.

Hilton Liverpool City Centre is part of a global brand recognised as a leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and has an impressive operation-wide dashboard directly connected to measuring SDG impacts.

 The Full 2022 List:

  1. Arena & Convention Centre (Liverpool)
  2. Arup (Liverpool, UK & Global)
  3. Brabners (Liverpool & UK) 
  4. Circa5000 (Liverpool & UK) – Certified B Corp
  5. FiftyEight (Liverpool) – Certified B Corp
  6. Future Yard (Wirral)
  7. Hilton Liverpool City Centre (Liverpool, UK & Global) 
  8. Liverpool ONE (Liverpool)
  9. OPEN Media (Liverpool & UK)
  10. Peel L&P (Liverpool & UK)
  11. Planit-IE (Liverpool & UK) – Certified B Corp
  12. Princes Group (Liverpool, UK & Global)
  13. Professional Liverpool (Liverpool)
  14. Rathbones (Liverpool, UK & Global)
  15. RS Clare Ltd (Liverpool)
  16. Unilever – (Liverpool, UK & Global)
  17. Used Kitchen Exchange (Widnes) – Certified B Corp

2030hub will be supporting and encouraging all 17 businesses to shout even louder and more boldly for the next 12 months, to use their own and combined platforms to get the message further, explore new collaboration and innovation, and inspire a new cohort for Global Goals Week: Liverpool 2023!

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